1st edition




Conversaciones con un mono (15′)
Eduardo Grojo

Juan Siegman is an uninspired film director He is writing a Science fiction script for his new film with the help of IAN, an anthropomorphic robot. IAN gives him advice on narrative, structure and life in general.

Dar(k)win Project (13′)
Loris Lamunière

This fictional animal documentary places us in a distant imaginary future where life underwater as we know it today has been completely replaced by a new generation of species, made of plastic.

Derivas (18′)
Nayra Sanz

The beginning of the twenty-first century is marked by a contradictory intersection between the transformation of the global economy and the revolution in new technologies. Two realities that have disrupted customs and traditions and are now bearing witness to different drifts.

El agua (14′)
Andrea Dargenio

A man wakes up in a world where the water has disappeared. There’s no water in the pipes nor in the bottles. Not even one drop falls from the clouds. The sea itself has become a desert. However, everyone acts as if nothing happened.

Jackie Kane (17′)
José Luis Velázquez

Santi is a university professor who in the near future is forced to teach at home because everything has led to home consumption. There is a kind of technological agoraphobia, everything It is within our reach with one click. But there is still a place where everything is as before.

Je veille sur toi (15′)
Janek Tarkowski

Nicolas, a pensioner fond of his independence, loses his autonomy following a heart attack. Gabriel, imposing on him a robot to assist him in his daily life. But Gabriel may have taken a thoughtless decision…

Please Hold (18′)
D. Dávila

In the near future, a young working-class Latino is wrongfully arrested. Realizing he has no means of recourse in the fully automated and privatized justice system, he attempts to reach a human who can set things right.

Xun (19′)
Angel Tirado

Xun lives a peaceful life alongside cyber partner, Paul, the scientist who created her. An unexpected accident in the swimming pool throws her world and relationship with Paul, into turmoil.