A festival dedicated to all type of futures. There are screenings, speculations, dystopias, heterotopies or predictions

F5 is an international short film festival organized by FFCINEMA in Barcelona. The festival focuses thematically on the projections of the future: work, knowledge, the environment and sustainability, mobility, space exploration, the effects of climate change, artificial intelligence, of alternative visions of the future, etc.
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FF Cinema is a project of the Cinema Group of the Casal de la Font d’en Fargues Association that aims to disseminate and debate audiovisual creations, especially those with more innovative and / or critical content than often they do not have access to commercial distribution and screening circuits.
To achieve these objectives, FF Cinema periodically holds screenings and forums of films in original, documentary and audiovisual versions in the large hall of the Casal de la Font d’en Fargues.
In these times when cinema is ceasing to be a collective act and becoming an individual experience, FF Cinema wants to be a meeting place to enjoy in groups, quality screenings on the big screen, in an environment of stimulation to debate and cultural exchange of experiences.
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Pandemic crisis, cinema and future

The F5 FESTIVAL has to be a call to the artists of the cinematographic image to be insubordinate against the fear derived from the dystopian and catastrophic vision of the future, to dialogue with uncertainty using it as an opportunity for creativity, to promote like Tarkovsky the power of the images and metaphors to explore human nature and convey emotions, to create characters like Watanabe from Kurosawa’s filmIkiru, who loses fear and fills his life with meaning right at the moment in which he knows he will die soon, a character who reminds us the shortness of life and the need to enjoy it. An enormously relevant and necessary F5 FESTIVAL in these times we are living.
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